About Us

Precision Grazing Australia was established to assist Australian graziers who are committed to improving the productivity of their enterprise and the health of their land by moving to a rotational grazing style of management.

Rotational grazing (sometimes known as planned grazing, cell grazing or managed intensive rotational grazing) is the practice of regularly moving stock to fresh pasture allowing the pastures to rejuvenate. This technique has many benefits to offer and is gaining momentum across the world as more and more benefits to the productive capacity of the grazing enterprise are being demonstrated.

Establishing and maintaining a dense, species rich pasture underpins the grazing enterprise. This same approach to the management of the pasture resource has the potential to deliver the longer term solutions to variables such as; the unpredictability of weather, rising input costs, profitability of the enterprise, labour input requirements etc.

One of the most challenging aspects of a rotational system is the ability of the grazier to provide large quantities of fresh drinking water to livestock that are regularly being moved. Associated with this supply issue is the broader requirement of water security for livestock at a time when there is increasing uncertainty in rainfall.

The Smooth Move Trough has been developed by Precision Grazing to provide a proven solution to supplying water to livestock that are moved regularly on grazing enterprises in which their managers have adopted a rotational style of management.